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-Coyote Spirit talks with the team. Tells them about the objects he wants as well as the Dark Entity.

-Get back to the Colony and discover the thieves guild has stolen a substantial amount of gold as well as sabotaged their compound construction.

-Lady Cordelia lent money to continue the construction

-If Josh asks Pontifex for help, he will promise that Elric will disable traps within Thieves Guild if and when the Barons attack the facility.

-Three meetings at once:
  • Bard with Captain Grig, Nicolo, Cordelia and Crusader Leader meet about the threat of Fleshshaper in the Dawn’s Edge Isle. Grig orders the Barons to transport the mersc Cordelia is hiring to the Isle along side a voluneteer force to try and combat the threat. See what the bard will do at being ordered around.
  • Sorcerer meets with Father Mordicai at his request. The Priest is worried about the strange behavior of dragonborn and those who know draconic. Also there have been dark omens and portents about the future. Mordicai is hoping the Sorcerer might know something of value since he’s widely traveled.
  • Warden is told by Kell that there is a spy/tracker/scout that might be willing to help the Barons find the Thieves HQ for the right price. Warden has to meet Jack Morgan in Shanty Town.

-Assassination attempt on Bard.

-Kracken attacks the ship on the way to the Dawn’s Edge Isles.

Rise of the Barons: A New World campaign

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