Chronciles of the Water Barons

-Made first contact with the Protectorate of Bahamut and negotiated safe passage of shipwrecked colonists throught their territory.

-Made first contact with the Grey Fang.

-Made first contact with the Grippili and were instrumental in their expansion into the outside world. The Water Barons declare the leader of the Dark Blades, a Drow, to be their mortal enemy.

-Made first contact with Dark Ravens and help negotiate the peace treaty and trade agreement between them and the Colony.

-Uncovered a Far Realm cult in the ruins north of the Colony. During the Battle of the Tower Ruins they lead a mercenary force of Goblins.

-Cut a deal with Coyote Spirit to send the heroes back in time to rescue a fellow Baron who had foolishly attempted to infiltrate the Thieves Guild without telling his companions and got himself captured. In the aftermath of the time travel incident, the Barons acquired a caravel from the Thieves Guild. Somewhere in the New World, Coyote has stashed the time displaced duplicates of the Barons created by the time hopping escapade.

-The Barons create a shipping company with their newly aquired caravel and ship cargo between the Protectorate and the Colony.

-Partook diplomatic negotiations between the Colony and the Protectorate of Bahamut. During the diplomatic mission, the Barons uncovered evidence that an unknown power is covertly combating agents and cultists of the Far Realm.

-Two of the Barons are kidnapped and carried off to the Goblin Hulk. The Bard escapes the Shoggoth Garden with the help fellow two fellow prisoners, one of which is the hated Drow leader of the Thieves Guild. With the help of Lady Cordelia, the Water Barons eventually rescue their lost companion…...however this module was never finished so…......

-The Barons attend a major festival in Dark Raven territory attended by all the local powers. There the Barons learn of the Dawns Edge Isles to the east and its strange Bullywog and Minataur inhabitants.

-The Barons sail north past the Protectorate to the Copper Pen, pirate port and province of the mysterious Dargoon civilization. While the party goes about exploring the islands economy of of hired muscle, illicit good rum and sugarcane, they are suprised to learn that the island is run by the Copper Dragon Cobre. They are even more surprised to learn that the dragon was installed on the island by the ruler of Dargon, a beholder known as ‘The Tyrant.’ While on the island they party discovered they have drawn the ire of a power lich which they unknowngly stole from. After returning the stolen property and promising the lich a favor, the powerful undead sorcerer spares them. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, one of the Barons as sworn an un-holy pact of service to the lich for secret knowledge and power only someone as old and powerful as a lich can provide.

Chronciles of the Water Barons

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