Higher Powers

Nature Spirits

Water – Unpredictable and prone to streaks of cruelty, Water enjoys to see mortals fight for their lives. In particular, she loves pitting moral dilemmas to mortals who ask for her favor. She is endlessly fascinated by the drama generated by such angst. She wants to keep all bodies of water clean and free from over-fishing.

Coyote – A trickster nature spirit, Coyote wants nothing more than to prove that he is the cleverest of all beings in the universe. He also tends to help other tricksters out if they want to pull off an ambitious con. Of course, nothing is funnier than tricking the trickster so a mortal who receives Coyote’s help should be very cautious about it.

Ant – The great builder. Ant is keenly interested in civilization and wants all mortals to behave more orderly and reasonably as he finds chaos very disconcerting. Individual suffering and free will mean nothing to Ant, only the greater good of the community. Anyone who promises to bring order where there is chaos will gain Ant’s interest.

Wolf – Wolf respects hunters and despises unnatural monsters that upset the balance. Demons, undead and aberrations that kill for sport are common targets for his wrath. Those who follow Wolf are loners who seldom interact with others but on occasion, they will join a group in order to take down a larger prey. Wolf is loyal to a fault to his followers, even if they stray far from his path.

Deer – In the New World, Deer imparts wisdom to shamans, warning them of supernatural dangers. She does not mind if his children are hunted but is angered when hunters fail to respect their sacrifice by praying to her after they kill a deer.

Air – Nearly as unpredictable as his sister, Water, Air enjoys brewing storms and causing trouble among the mortals. He favors those who fight with wild abandon and use magic to wreck havoc. He dislikes buildings that shield mortals from his fury and will not help anyone who lives in such a structure. Passionate mortals who stand for their beliefs despite great odds impress him.

Fire – A dark being fueled by rage, Fire is feared almost as much as the Dark Entity. Mortals cannot befriend him. Instead they must face him and show absolute bravery in order to wrest some of his power away from him. Mortals who show such tenacity can use his power to whatever end they desire. Fire secretly longs to marry Water but cannot see how such a match could be made.

Earth – Earth spends most of his time slumbering. Shamans who call on him simply enter his dreams to gain his favor. He is impressed with shows of politeness and calmness in the face of danger. Mortals who destroy the festering evils that lurk underground, such as undead or aberrations may be rewarded with gems. It is nearly impossible to rouse his anger but when Earth acts, it is with apocalyptic rage.

Higher Powers

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